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Renato Calò is without any doubt the soul of our organization.

He is Italian and he has been a fashion photographer in Milan until 1975, when he decided to leave everything behind and find his own desert island where to retire. Since then, he lives in Baja California and nobody certainly knows that land better than him.

He traveled it far and wide as an explorer for the Anthropology Museum of La Paz, as a photographer investigator for the Biological Research Center, as a racing driver in nine editions of the famous Baja 1000, the grueling Paris to Dakar of America.

Very often he leads our groups, behind the steering wheel of a powerful off-road vehicle, with the passion and enthusiasm of the first time. 

Our guides and all our collaborators are experienced and specialized professionals, locals who take pride of their heritage and who seek to preserve this unique ecology.

For our escorted tours we utilize specially prepared off road vehicles, engineered to withstand the rigors of the desert, as the Chevrolet Suburban 4x4, capable of eight passengers beside the driver. On the roof there is a large rack for the luggage, while inside a big ice box will keep the drinks cool.

For the "Drive Yourself" tours, we use the Jeep Wrangler 4x4, suggested for two people with luggage; Jeep Patriot, for four passengers or Chevrolet Suburban for up to eight customers.

All accommodations, in tents or hotels, are planned with the highest available standards and are the result of our experience accumulated in so many years of voyages. 

We sponsor an all year round program directed to students, workers, tourism employees, executives and politicians which, through lectures, exhibitions and slide presentations, is designed to sensitize them on the importance and necessity of the nature conservation and on the direct and indirect benefits derivated from the protected areas.

We are in constant contact with fishermen, farmers and inhabitants of the sierra range, who are employed by us during our expeditions and who, with the continuous relationship with our staff and clients, are developing a different vision of the environment in which they live. This new view is then transmitted to their friends, children, parents, neighbors, continuing the chain for the protection of the ecosystem.





Our company is based in La Paz, the charming capital of Baja California Sur.Since 1993 we dedicate to travel beyond the obvious attractions in the southern part of the peninsula. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive look at the history, culture and the pristine habitat of this extraordinary country, while enjoying the best comforts along the way. We travel from Guerrero Negro to Cabo San Lucas, providing escorted tours for a maximum of twenty two passengers, or drive yourself for individuals. We know Baja, we love the land, the people, the animals and the plants. We think of it as ours and we want to share it with our customers.




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