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Southern Baja California

Baja California is a peninsula discovered in 1534 by Fortìn Jimènez de Bertadoña, a skipper belonging to the expedition of the Spanish conqueror Hernàn Cortez. It extends in the Pacific Ocean as the prolongation of California, paralleling Mexico, to which it belongs and from which it is separated by the Sea of Cortez. It  is a land full of natural adventures. Its diverse landscape brings you to virgin islands and frolicking sea lions, to endless white sandy beaches where your footsteps seem to be the first ones. This long stretch of land that forms the peninsula, is traversed from north to south by mountainous chains called sierras. Their top is a natural view point to admire the waters that surround them. To the east, the peaceful Sea of Cortez is so rich in nutrients that thousands of marine species have chosen it as home. Blue whales, finbacks, sperm, humpback, whale sharks, along with manta-rays, dolphins and many colorful and unique fishes are found in its waters. 

On the west, the deep blue and strong waters of the Pacific Ocean supply cool humidity to feed the oasis of palm trees, hosts immense extensions of moving dunes, provide shelter in shallow lagoons for the gray whales to give birth and continue the magic reproduction cycle. 

The terrain is a special contrast. Baja's desert is also rich in biodiversity. Its flora and fauna developed endemic characteristics due to their relative isolation from the main continental land. Valleys of tall-standing cardones, primitive cirios and thorny chollas, make up for some of the 4000 different plants that form the greenery against this sandy earth. As you ascent the sierras, the landscape transforms to pine and oak forests, with streams flowing and forming crystalline pools. 

In this varied ecosystem, dwell local and migrant birds like hawks, wrens, road runners, woodpeckers and other feathered friends. Rams, foxes, coyotes, pumas, desert mice and squirrel are some hairy companions. 

Expeditions to one of the largest collection of cave paintings in the world, will puzzle you with an enigma still unsolved about the origin of the first inhabitants of this area. 

Our guides are experienced and specialized professionals, locals who take pride of their heritage and who seek to preserve this unique ecology.  All transportation and accomodations are planned with the highest available standards. Join us on our natural travel through Baja California Sur and, if you don’t find your perfect voyage in our menu, please contact us and we will custom make it especially for you.


You Drive 

We redifined the concept of an off beaten track holiday.

No more crowded mini bus tours! Make your next vacation something new and more adventurous.

Drive yourself one of our vehicles, with freedom and confidence, backed by our twenty year experience exploring Baja.

Follow day by day our reliable, custom made Road Book and leave to our knowledgeable staff your hotel reservations and all the guidede activities.




 This is the perfect choyce for two people and luggages.

If you are a party of four people, we suggest the Jeep Liberty.

Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban accomodates up to eight people.

Our tried and tested formula You Drive, allows you to travel on the same route of our escorted tours, but with total freedom and with the dates and times of your choice. This typology is designed for those who want to safely travel alone, in pairs or with friends, in absolute privacy and it allows you to get to know this beautiful part of the magical peninsula, undoubtedly one of the last paradises left, while enjoying lot of sea, but without neglecting the most important hot sposts, including missions, oasis, islands, flora, fauna, cave paintings, whales. 

This type of travel is not advisable, without a minimum experience of off-road driving and orientation or, in general, without that feeling that you must have in order to face the desert and then be able to solve, alone and unaided, many possible situations.

Baja California is a beautiful land, with a higher biodiversity than the Galapagos Islands, but it is also a desert, with a population of only six hundred thousand inhabitants, on an extension of 28,368 square miles.

A land where, not for nothing, the Baja 1000 was born, the queen of off-road racing, from which the rest of similar races have derived, including the famous Dakar. A land with only one paved road where, in order to reach wonderful goals, you have to sweat, get dirty with dust and, perhaps, change a wheel. That's why you have to know how to travel and that's why we will give you a 4x4 Jeep and not a normal car.

Our potential customers are fond people, gifted with that particular sense of "reading the ground" that allows you to maintain the route; people aware that they must be ready to solve, alone, any eventuality. For istance, during the most demanding stage of the tour, you will cross a long sandwash, "mined" by protruding stones that can easily puncture your tires, a long leg of the trip where there is no cell phone coverage and you can only rely on yourself and on the little local traffic. The route of this stage, which goes from San Ignacio to La Purisima, runs on the track used by the riders of the Baja 1000, which is nothing more than a collection of tracks, formed by clay and sand mixed with salt joke, which transforms it into a kind of asphalt, a few, short, sandy stretches and some stony fords. All this constitutes the network of main roads for the fishermen of that coast and for the trucks of buyers of fish and sea products who, for obvious reasons, can not take the risk of sticking in the silt.

In twenty years of experience, we have chosen the safest sections of this network and, with our Road Book, we have guided, hassle free, our customers, in countless You Drives. And what is the secret? Just always stay on track and follow the instructions indicated in the Road Book. 




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